Atkinsons Mill

This old mill was built in 1757 by John Ritchardson while North Carolina was still a colony. The mill and its accompanying earthen dam are built on part of Ritchardson's 2,472-acre plantation. The mill has been in continuous operation for over 250 years. The present owners, Ray and Betty Wheeler, took over operation of the mill in 1971. Today, Atkinson's Milling Co., is the only water powered grist mill operating in a four county area. The cornmeal is stone ground and is
noted for its quality. Cattail Milling Co., and Boddie Milling Co., are brand names added to the growing list of Atkinson’s products. Products include: Hush puppy mix, biscuit mix, funnel cake mix, seafood breader, and chicken breader. They are available for purchase at the mill, local grocery stores and by mail order.
Highway 42, West of Highway 39
95 Atkinson Mill Rd.
Selma, NC   27576
Phone: (919) 965-3547
Fax: (919) 202-0523
Located seven miles north of Selma on NC 42, one mile west of its intersection at NC 39.  Open Mon. - Fri. from 8:00am until 5:00pm. Special tours available. Mail orders accepted 24 hours a day, seven days a week.   Free Admission, free parking, not wheelchair accessible.